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    Hello and greetings once again from DJ Land...welcome to our official "testimonials" page. Listed below you will find a highly-biased list of commentaries from some our previous clients. These testimonials are designed to over-whelm you with a sea of highl-biased and true commentaries from our previous customers. We are then hoping that you will be so "wowed" that you will give us a call today at the DJ Connection offices of love and joy...located at the 5800 E. Skelly #200 "Tower of Power"...at 918-481-2010...Where the Fun Begins!...

    (This couple hugs to obviously celebrate their love, their marriage and their choice of a DJ...at least it looks like they are happy with their DJ)

    Disclaimer: Although we are not flawless, we do strive for perfection. And it is from this mindset, that our sincere desire to engage in mutually beneficial relationships with all of our customers derives...that is our business plan and we are sticking to it.

    Click here to hear the "One-Minute-Quasi-Humorous-Audio-Propaganda-Mix."

    "The number-one DJs in the Tulsa area...They are great party executors" - Modern Bride Magazine: December/January 2005 Edition

    *Over 10,000 satisfied customers & counting have great things to say about "DJ Connection."

    DJ Josh (pictured above) is one of the DJC Founding Fathers


    Shameless Bullet Point and Highly-Biased Information:

  • In June of 2007 DJ Connection was featured in the Tulsa World Business Section for our recent awards and for our owner's upcoming book "Turn Your Passion Into Profits"
  • Clayton Clark owner of DJ Connection Tulsa Inc. was named the 2007 State of Oklahoma Young Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • During the early summer of 2007 DJ Connection was featured in Oklahoma Magazine's feature entitled "40 under 40" which was an article describing Oklahoma's top 40 entrepreneurs under the age of 40.
  • During the calender year of 2006 DJ Connection donated $10,000 + of service to local Tulsa and Oklahoma charities including March of Dimes and Relay for Life.

    • "Hey Guys, I just wanted to thank you for help making our wedding reception great. DJ Dusty was great at the Oaks Country Club on June 16. Everything was better than expected! Dusty was awesome! Thanks!" - Tommy and Margo Griffin
    • "I just wanted to let you know that Justin did a fantastic job for us on Friday night.  I have used many DJs over the years and he is one of the best!  Our group had a wonderful time thanks to him.  We will definitely be contacting your firm about using Justin in the future.  Thanks again. - Dennis A Caruso: Caruso Law Firm, P.C.
    • "We figured we'd just make this super simple and say that Sean and Caleb rated above and beyond the 10 scale!!  They were amazingly awesome at every single aspect of your survey and were loads of fun to hang out with during the wedding!  We honestly can't imagine our day being as wonderful without them there! We think Sean and Caleb deserve their own economic stimulus package and maybe a vacation to San Diego (cause we had a blast on our honeymoon!)!!  Really, you guys were amazing, and we have probably talked about you both just as much as people are talking about our shoes! haha!!!  Thank you so much for making our day absolutely perfect!  Truly!" - Brad & Tanya Bunch - 972-757-8658
    • OH MY GOSH! Non-Stop fun! You guys really do out-perform and give better customer service than any other company I have dealt with . You are the most amazing company. I have some of your business cards and I plan on handing them out to other prom planners and friends. I run a wedding cake service on the side, so I will be telling brides how awesome you are as well!! Pretty soon you may have so much business in Kansas that you have to open up another DJ Connection here!(Shawnee Heights High School Prom Coordinator: 785.817.1339
    • "Exceptional service. Your company and our DJ (Shawn Taco) was very easy to work with and I always left the conversations smiling! You are amazing! Our DJ, Shawn Taco, did everything that I requested and went above and beyond what I actually expected! As you know, the DJ can make or break your event. I had a horrible experience last year with a DJ from a different company I had hired for our Prom. Most of the kids left Prom early last year and I didn't hear one good thing about the DJ... This year Prom was a totally different story!! Everyone was happy - the administration, the other teachers, and the kids! Prom was a huge success and I can only give one person the credit for making it an awesome night the kids will never forget - our DJ. He read the crowd and played the right music, said the right things and interacted with the kids/supervising adults in a way that made everyone want him to stay here with us forever! Since we know his wife and family would miss him, we will allow him to go back to Tulsa - but he does have to come back. The principal (who usually never notices what the DJ is doing), told me that I needed to hire our DJ back again for next year. Awesome, amazing, the BEST DJ we have had since I began planning the Prom for our high school 10 years ago! We want him to come back and rock the party next year! Just give him some cash for a hotel room...we worried about him driving back and hoped he made it ok! I was impressed from the start to the finish. Shawn Taco showed up in a DJ Connection shirt, so everyone setting up knew who he was and what he was doing there! He changed into nice clothes and looked perfect for the job - he appeared to be comfortable and not over or under-dressed. I'm not sure about his appearance on the way home - he seemed to be missing a shirt! (I'll let him tell you what I talked him into doing for me! Now you're thinking.....) I attended a wedding several years ago in which DJ Connection provided the entertainment at the reception. I was impressed and asked for a business card. Since I live in Kansas I never thought I would actually hire DJ Connection, but I wanted the card just in case! After the horrible experience at prom last year, I dug out the card, called, and got the best DJ I've ever hired for an event! Funny how things work out sometimes, isn't it?

    I have absolutely no complaints about any aspect of our event in relation to your company and the service you provided for us. I am extremely pleased with the entire experience! Actually, I can't think of anything. Everything we needed was offered We think you should add DJ Shawn Taco's picture to your business cards and survery sheets! People are going to get sick of me telling them how amazingly awesome you are!

    - Heather McDougal

    • "Jennifer and I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for providing such a tremendous service at our wedding. I don't believe we would have known which way to turn if your weren't there always leading us in the right direction. You certainly kept the event on track, as we were told, provided stellar entertainment for all of our guests. I hear there is an unofficial "bragging rights" competition amongst the employees of DJ Connection...Thanks again for the exception service everyone at DJ Connection provided from the beginning to the end of our wedding. You'll certainly be highly recommended to everyone we know that could utilize your services. Thanks again everyone!" - Lee W. Watkins III: Marketing Director of Enrollment Services of America

    • "We love you guys!!!! Professional appearance and presentation was fabulous!!! I rate you all a 10++++ again. DJ Josh was wonderful. He was dressed very professional with slacks, button up shirt, and tie. His presentation for the evening was awesome. Everyone kept telling Todd and I how wonderful he was. Josh made the evening run flawlessly. You did our ceremony and reception. Everything went perfect right down to fading songs out at the perfect moment during our ceremony. Our overall experience was an 11 (out of 10)!! I loved every moment of my wedding. DJ Josh went above and beyond what he had to do. He even ran and found a lighter for our unity candle b/c we had forgotten to place one on the table. Also, you all traveled from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Fort Worth, Texas and you all were cheaper than DJ's right here in Fort Worth. I can't say enough about how great you all are!!!! I don't think you all can improve much more! You are wonderful!!!" - Todd and Rachael Kauffman (use to be Cooper) 361-290-1673
    • "As a wedding professional, the focus is always on the client.  Anything less than 100% attention and care and you are messing with a bride's wedding day, the happiest day of her life (not to mention her parents). DJ Connection goes way above and beyond the usual care and attention, they embrace the clients' needs and create a memorable experience for their
      clients and make it nearly impossible for them to ever go anywhere else. They are that good! And this not only comes from me, but since we share the same clients, I hear it from them--and that is the main reason that are my only referral in their industry. Now from an execution standpoint, this is great, but since I've worked with over a dozen different members of the DJ Connection team, and they all share this customer-centric focus, I know that inside the walls of DJ Connection, there is some amazing business practices being carried out. They are a role model to the
      he community and to all businesses."

      Chris Humphrey Photographer
      "Best of the Best Photographer" Oklahoma Magazine
      the website
    • "Thanks so much for an excellent presentation and for visiting with our students. You were inspiring, funny & brilliant! I will send a formal thank you and photos later." - Jerra Horn: Oklahoma State University: Spears Business School: 405-744-5064
    • "Jeremy was the DJ for Caney Valley High School Prom, Caney, Kansas, April 19, 2008.
      I have sponsored school events for 37 years and have hired many individuals to DJ or cater many events.  This was beyond a doubt the BEST DJ I have ever had perform at an event.
      It is hard to impress an "old chick" who is looking at the open door to retirement.
      Jeremy arrived early and was extremely courteous and had all the right questions in anticipation of the events of the prom.  He handled the coronation with a great build to the announcement of the King and Queen.  Usually the kids don't stay for that and he had them hooked up and involved.
      The greatest asset he displayed was watching the crowd.  He sensed when they were drifting away on certain music and he would start a new dance and teach them how.  They loved it when he was on the floor with them.  The group dances were just great.
      We had no kids in the hall except for food and pictures. That was a first for proms at this school.
      To explain how terrific he was, he motivated this 63 year "old arthritic senior  citizen"to boggy with 17 year old boys and girls.  Whooooooooo it was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
      1.  10+
      2.  10+
      3.  10+
      4.  Jeremy was fantastic.  I assume you sent us your #1 DJ.  He needs a raise!
      5.  10+
      6.  10+
      7.  10+
      8.  Internet and then a personal visit to your office
      9.  The kids never wanted to leave the dance floor.  He taught several new dances.
      10  He was efficient and dynamic
      11  10+
      12  DJ Connections stayed in touch on a regular basis.
      13  Great Job
      14  No
      15  Especially the cable guy and maybe the electric meter reader and our trash guy
          Kathy Faulkenberry  "the old chick"
            P.S.:  All the girls thought he was "hot"
    • "Hi, the party wa off the hook! Everybody at school told me that the dj was cool, funny and that he dances good. i enjoyed the party soooooo much and every time that i plan to have a party with a dj i will ask for dj connection..." - Peleg the Bat Mitzvah Girl
    • From the moment that I took over planning our event, everyone that I dealt with at DJ Connection was helpful, super-friendly and always willing to assist me. The night of the MarkWest event was fabulous, because DJ Keith (our DJ) was awesome! We partied hard until midnight (an hour after the party was supposed end)!! He even got on the dance floor and danced a few songs (per request). I've heard nothing but WONDERFUL compliments from everyone who attended!!...The entire night our DJ was great at monitoring what was working and what wasn't. He was also really great on making the announcements for me when I needed him to. The week of the event was smooth as butter, and I had no doubts that everything would be taken care of! Keep doing the same things, because you rock!!" Christina Whalen w/ MarkWest Companies - (918) 477-8004

    • "Hey guys, I am sure that you get this all the time, but I wanted to personally thank and congratulate your entire DJ CONNECTION team on an above excellent presentation and above excellent customer service from start to finish!  Jennifer and I were MORE THAN PLEASED with your expertise in helping us make our wedding reception a HUGE success.  You guided us with amazing deftness through the process of tailoring the music selection and ice breakers to our particular likes, you helped us identify what feel we were trying to achieve at the reception and even reminded us of a few things that we forgot to include.  Your team followed up several times with phone calls throughout the process, making sure that you were up to date with the unavoidable evolution of wedding plans and asking if there was anything else that you could help with.  The chocolate fountain groom's cake was also a real hit and mentioned by many of our guests.  Ultimately my bride summed everything up very well (and this is coming from a girl that has been to a LOT of weddings) when she said, while laughing and giggling as we drove away that evening, that was by far, the BEST wedding reception I have ever, ever been to!!!  Thank you for taking the time to make our experience, your priority!  We will recommend you whole-heartedly to everyone."- Daniel Parker: Senior Mortgage Banker w/ First Omni Mortgage Lending
    • "Marquees was great -  I'm pretty sure he thought he was freezing to death, but he was always smiling and giving positive feedback.  Working with him was was truly a pleasure.  I honestly felt that he was doing whatever he could to accomodate my needs, rather than my having to run all over to try and meet his demands. I was very please with Marquees taking of everything himself (music, lights, announcements) he did the work and I actually got to enjoy myself for a bit during the three day celebration."- Ava Area Chamber of Commerce (417) 683-4594

    • "DJ Bucky was the DJ at the Ridgepoint Family festival this weekend and it
      was really neat.  The crowd was a litte reluctant at first to get out there
      and dance, being all conservative and such.  He got out there, pulled the
      kids in, got them dancing, and kept it funny and fun.  He did a great job.
      I've gone to Ridgepoints' fall carnival and their afterschool swim party
      with DJ and we've always had a great time.  Thanks for making a little
      magical moment for my family.  We enjoyed our slice of American pie this
      weekend.  It showed all that is good in the world."
    • - Lauren Gould Parent Care Center Coordinator
    • "DJ Clay (DJ CONNECTION) is by far the most entertaining DJ service we have ever used for "Project Graduation." He keeps it PG rated & is very up to date with today's young people. He is awesome!" -Vickie (Coppell, TX HS Project Graduation Committee)
    • "DJ CONNECTION our best DJ/MC entertainment in the 7 years of "Project Graduation" at Coppell High School. 1st Quality Showmanship!" - Emy w/ Coppell Texas High School Graduation

    (the same day Marty McFly went back in time).

    • "Just a real quick note of appreciation to you and your staff and our DJ, Josh. We had a wonderful time and we were put at ease all night with the way that Josh handled things. As you had promised he kept the night flowing, kept us and the whole celebrating party informed, and kept us all out dancing (His Michael Jackson dance is pretty impressive!). I had so many wonderful comments from friends and family members that it was the best wedding reception they'd ever been to. We definitely credit that to your DJ service. We are doing great and if there is one thing that I regret now about being married is that I don't get to work with my fine service providers! You were all terrific! Thank you very much!" - Mrs. Julie Lipe (Wedding Reception)
    • "We enjoyed the show, the musical selections suited the occasion in every way. The DJs really drew the crowd. We would highly recommend you first to anybody. Terrific energy & fun! - Jackie & Bill (50th Wedding Anniversary)

    • "You did an absolutely great job! Excellent and I would recommend DJ CONNECTION to anyone!" - Courtney & Darren (Wedding Reception)

    • "D*** good job! Dance floor was happening, played all the requests and kept everyone happy, very pleased with your services. Great!" - Melissa (Organizer of 50th Birthday Party)

    • "Very good. Thanks, the DJ' were great. Thanks for helping the kids to start dancing. I will recommend DJ CONNECTION & use you all again." - Kim (Graduation Party Organizer)

  • "Very pleased. I appreciate how easy it was to contact you & that you returned calls quickly, very professional. The kids loved the music selections, good variety!" - Tracy (Jenks Freshman Prom Organizer)
  • "Great Job! Kids had a wonderful time at their 8th grade Prom. Music was fun! DJ Clay is a cool guy. He's gets an A+ from us!" - Doreen (Lewis & Clark Prom Committee)

    • "Good DJ! Played the requests guests wanted while also playing the songs that we wanted, an excellent job!" - Monica & Brian (Wedding Reception)
    • "Josh did a fantastic job, several people commented on how great the DJ did!" - Adam & Robin (Wedding Reception)

    (DJ Keith & DJ Josh celebrate after reading some customer feedback.)

    • "We were asked before during the pre wedding talk how involved do you want DJC to be in the reception. You guys hit it perfectly on the mark.  The music blend was perfect and our DJs took their cues from the crowds reactions and ran with them. I honestly would not  change one second about how our reception was conducted.  Kudos, High Fives and a Big Big Thanks. Truly, you get a "lotta bang! for your Buck with DJ connections." Immediate and enthusiastic phone response and followup. A big thing to people now, as it is the most lacking thing today in Customer Service. I always felt confident that you guys were handling your end and I didn'thave to worry at all. A Huge thing when you are wedding planning. By the way, do you guys buy Red Bull by the semi truck full???  hahaha Just kidding, the energy you have is contagious and fun. Keep it up." - Andrea & Brooke Tulsa Historical Society
    • "DJ Connection's services are wonderful, the music selections are awesome and most of all the DJs are hilarious! They are great to work with!" - Laura Smith (Activities Director - RSU - College Dance)

    • "Thank you, we had a great time every song was really good w/ the crowd, again thank you and call us anytime." - Casey & Chad (Wedding Reception)
    • "DJ Rich was awesome, we had a great time! The waterfall dance was great to get everybody on the dance floor!" - Tiffany (Anniversary Party)
    • "Great job, fun personality, nice variety! Thanks Clay!" - Heather & Brandon (Wedding Reception)
    • "Clay is an excellent DJ he did a wonderful job coordinating our reception." - Betsy & Andy (Wedding Reception)

    • "Great Job! Great music, Jeremy was very sensitive to both the needs of the people and fish (Oklahoma Aquarium). DJ did a great job keeping the people involved and dancing and I'll tell you how I know&cause everybody danced until we had to be out at midnight." - Chuck & Joy (Wedding Reception)
    • "Music selection was great! The DJs were very polite & did a great job. DJ Connection will be recommended highly." - Gary Godwin (Bat Mizvah)
    • "Excellent, would recommend to everybody. Very professional, great job! Thanks. - Nicki & Brad Oliver (Wedding Reception)

    • "Rich was great! We had a wonderful time!" - Deni & Rock (1970s Reunion)
    • "You guys were wonderful, you made our night extra special! Everyone asked who you were because they want you for their special event! Keep up the great work!" - Cori & Kyle (Wedding Reception)
    • "The best! Thank you! Everything was perfect! I couldnt expect anything more. "Greatness!"  - Blair & Jason (Wedding Reception)
    • "I want you to know that Wade was wonderful&He really worked with me and did exactly what I asked him to do!! Thank God for the jam box!! I appreciate your help!!! We will be doing more!!" - Connie Moore w/ Arbonne Internation Car Presentation (Corporate Event)
    • "I just wanted to let you know much we enjoyed Saturday night! Jeff was AWESOME and the kids are still talking about it, which is nor norm for our KIDDOS!! Thanks again, We'll definately be calling you for HOMECOMING 2008." - Stacy Hricko / Melissa High School (Varsity Cheer and Student Council Sponsor)

    • "Kudos to the DJ (Marque??sp?) yesterday! He did a great job at TCC SE campus. It was a tough crowd, as you might know and he was fun all morning long. He really did a good job and I wanted to let you know we were very satisfied and I got many compliments." - Jon Herring: Student Activities Specialist: Southeast Campus
    • "Clay, Brent was absolutely sensational as a disk jockey, but even more important, he has a real cool spirit and was easy to work with. When we do more with you, I always want Brent. Thanks so much."  - Chuck Cecil w/ Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame
    • "Andy is fabulous and we would have him back for our next event." - Elizabeth w/ Tulsa Radiology

    • "Everyone loved it. They didn't want to leave and the DJ was wonderful. We request you for next year. Thank you so much.- Tami Green w/ IRA Construction
    • "The kids danced all night and have a good time. The DJs were very professional."  - Cheryl w/ Booker T. Washington High School Student Council
    • "As I wrote this morning, we had a great successful party with DJ Bucky on Saturday night (Dec. 15th - Bat Mitzvah). We, the family, and the kids who were dancing, we very, very, very satisfied with Bucky's performance, his GREAT attitude, manners and professional work! - Itai Lavi 918-344-5850
    • "This was great, thank you, we needed alot of help in making this group have a good time. Karl did a great job. Thank you, I will recommend you to my friends." - Mindy w/ Cornerstone Hospice
    • "Wonderful, interactive entertaining gentleman! Choices of songs were excellent and played for the audience. Cooperative to the guests who might have had too much." - Doug (Bank Holiday Party)
    • "Outstanding selection of tunes. Great presentation. No unhappy faces. Great Job. We'll do it again. Thanks Will!" - Danny w/ Harley Owner's Group
    • "The DJ did a great job. The took over and made the party fantastic." - Cindy w/ Sand Springs Walmart
    • "Great job, we got compliments all night long. We will definately recommend you everyone. You'll be the ones we call for our next event." - Angie w/ Tulsa Apartment Association
    • "Great job, and good selection of music. Everyone had a great time." - Brenda Mother of Fallon (13th b-day party)
    • "Fantastic job, you rock. Terrific!" - Elaina w/ Holden & Carr
    • "Fabulous, we loved the way you lead right into another song before people would sit down. The variety was GREAT. Zach kept the party moving and everyone had a great time." - Diana w/ National Steak & Poultry

    • "My son is hansome, articulate and perfect in every way. I recommend DJ Connection and "DJ Clay" for Tulsa Potlucks, church BBQs, birthday parties, Tulsa weddings, Tulsa receptions & bunco parties." (DJ Clay's Mom - Pictured Above) - Mary Clark (DJ Clayton's Mother)
    • "Great job, we will be calling you again!" - Kim w/ Bixby Telephone Company
    • "Did a very good job. Looking forward to homecoming. Thank you guys for helping make lasting memories."- Mish w/ Ketchum High School Sponsor
    • "You did a fantastic job! Great music to get everyone dancing. Thank you!!" - Carolyn Dodson Orthopoedic Hospital of OKC
    • "Great Job!" - Delores w/ Bank of Oklahoma, Tulsa Party

      • "DJ played requested songs, great sound system & DJ worth money & effort. Good entertainment, Thanks. More than what we expected. Thanks." - Kathy Cross (Private Holiday Party)
      • "It was a blast! He is the greatest DJ ever. I recommend him for any event." - Krysta & Jimmy (Wedding Reception)
      • "A wonderful evening, high energy!" - Valerie Norris (Private Holiday Party)
      • "Brad made our holiday event great fun. He played many requests and created a fun atmosphere. I appreciated the ice breakers." - Brenda w/ Terex Mining Holiday Party
      • "Fabulous. So much fun, made the night." - Mike & Lindsey (Wedding Reception)
      • "Wonderful, thank you so much for an awesome night!" - Kortney & Josh (Wedding Reception)
      • "DJ Willi did a great job & did exactly what we wanted, expected & more. Thank you so much for helping to make this day special!!" - Tammy & Jon (Wedding Reception)

      • "Awesome Job! Very courteous & professional. Would hire again, anytime. Thanks very much, loved it!" - Alicia & Shawn (Wedding Reception) Queen's House, Muskogee
      • "Our DJ was top notch, if we ever need DJ service again, we know who to call. There is no other option. You guys are awesome!!!" - Brandy & Joe (Wedding Reception) German American Society
      • "Terrific, Great, Sound, Great Music, Great DJ!" - Susan & Steven (Wedding Reception) Golf Club of Oklahoma, Broken Arrow
      • "Great Job! It was a blast. Great Choice of music, way to feel out the crowd!! Thanks a million (& a $100 tip!)."- Kelly & Shawn (Wedding Reception) Golf Club of Oklahoma, Broken Arrow

      • "Clay you were awesome! Made our wedding & New Year fantastic. So lucky to have you as our DJ. Have a great year." - Amy & Jonathan (Wedding Reception) German American Society
      • "Josh was very professional and curteous. He was VERY awesome. The songs were great. He did everything we asked. He was GREAT!" - Coffee & Joe (Wedding Reception) Double Tree Warren Hotel
      • "I think you did an awesome job! Thank you sooo much for making our night so special. Thanks again!" - Megan & Michael (Wedding Reception) Forrest Ridge Country Club
      • "DJ Connection was great! They let us direct the order of events but still put forthe their expertise & professionalism!" - Tara & Tabor (Wedding Reception) Belvedere Mansion, Claremore
      • "Derek was awesome! He was fun and so accomodating. He was very everything we wanted & more. We would highly recommend you to anyone. & would definately use you again. Thank you!" - Missy (Mom for 16th B-day Party) Residence in Tulsa, Oklahoma
      • "DJ was amazing. He did an EXCELLENT job of entertaing the crowd." - Daniella & BJ (Wedding Reception) East Side Christian Church (15th & Harvard)
      • "(Thaddeus) Great Show, Great Personality, Enthusiastic & Energetic." - Michelle & Bradley (Wedding Reception) Collins Building, Sapulpa
      • "Fantastic Job. Thank You. We Hope to have you back." - Tonya (Corporate New Year's Eve Party) Sheridan Lanes

      "But don't just take their words for it, call "481-2010...Where the fun begins" to insure that your next party will be an overwhelming success!"

      - DJ Clay Clark

      Owner of DJ Connection Tulsa Inc.
      "Tulsa Best Disk Jockeys" - Modern Bride Magazine 2005
      Chairman for Tulsa Bridal Association
      2002 Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year
      Proud Member of American Wedding Association
      5800 E. Skelly Drive
      Tulsa, OK 74135


      For more information about DJ Connection's founder, serial entrepreneur, award-winning U.S. SBA "Entrepreneur of the Year" Clay Clark call us today at 918-481-2010. Listed below are various links to his multiple business ventures. Click below visit these websites:

      Founder of DJ Connection, U.S. Chamber National Blue Ribbon Quality Award Winner,  U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Dallas Business Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Tulsa Metro Chamber "Entrepreneur of the Year" Clay Clark is also the founder of Tulsa Real Estate company Fears & Clark Realty Group. This company is the home of the best Tulsa realtors in Oklahoma. Find your house today at www.fearsclark.com.


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